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It is never too early for a child to start learning a foreign language!


yogayogaA few words about YOGISH – a school of English for pre-school children

What is YOGISH?
YOGISH is a private school of English for small children (aged 3-7) where, thanks to the direct method, a combination of movement, dance, play, music and language exercises and drill, children learn the basics of the English language in an easy and amusing way.


Our Mission:
Enable pre-school children to learn the basics of English in an easy and quick way through professional guidance of experienced staff and application of adequate modern methods.

Why is YOGISH a unique school of English?

  • We use the direct method (the same as the ways of learning mother tongue)
  • We combine various physical activities, play, dance, music, drama, yoga - all through English
  • The space is ideal for all our activities: a large garden with a pond with fish, turtles and frogs; a playground; Nina the dog; a large gym equipped with all kinds of facilities; a hall, bathrooms, a waiting room for parents
  • We use natural things from the environment, playthings, books, audio and visual aids, sports and other equipment
  • Our groups are small, up to 10 students. Each child is devoted our full attention.
  • Special attention is paid to coordination of body movements (music, dance, acting out emotions, yoga)
  • We cherish nice communication, active attentive listening, compassion, trust, self-esteem, self-control, team play
  • Various techniques of relaxation are combined with active work: yoga, breathing…
  • Fantasy and creativity are constantly developed.
  • We promote healthy habits.
  • We help children to become independent and self-reliant.
  • We love the nature and care for the environment.




YOGISH offers to students:

  • Amusing and spontaneous acquisition of knowledge
  • Positive attitude towards their own body
  • Opportunities to learn new things and develop skills
  • yogaStimuli to develop their own self-confidence
  • Positive social environment – peer company
  • Guidance, examples, stimuli and support
  • Elements of Yoga for children
  • Solid preparation for further education and life
  • Pleasant and tidy surroundings (gym, garden and other facilities)
  • Books from the Yogish library


YOGISH offers to parents:

  • Possibility to attend classes
  • Written material for home work
  • Monthly reports on their child’s growth and achievements
  • Opportunity to participate in organizing outings and special events
  • • Invitation to get involved in our work in their own way and according to their inspiration, time and wish
  • A nice space to rest while waiting for the child
  • • Books from the YOGISH library.



            slavica periskicSlavica Periškić, (73)

Has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. Co-founder of the Yoga Center Sombor and its Director.

Aware of the need of small children to have a balanced psychological and physical development, well designed play, company of children of their age and active learning, she has founded a school of English for small children - Yogish (Yoga + English). Besides YOGISH, she leads a course "Yoga for Good Morning". She has introduced courses of Latino-American Dance and Experimental Dance into the Yoga Center. (see the Menu)

yogaSlavica is a teacher of the English language and Literature and has a great experience in teaching English to students of all ages at various knowledge levels. She worked at elementary and high school, grammar School and teachers’ training academy, has prepared students for various examinations (entrance university exams, Cambridge exams, etc), has taught specialized courses for children and adults, has founded Evergreen Chat Club, introduced innovations into the teaching process; member of International English Teacher's Association; reads extensively about and introduces contemporary trends in the sphere of teaching English.

Slavica has been a Court interpreter for the English language at the District Court in Sombor and translator for 30 years.

Being an active and open-minded member of the community, she has given her contribution to the foundation and work of many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Sombor and Serbia (certified trainer for NGO management, member of the TEAM TRI) and to the advancement of the local community while working over 6 years for the America’s Development Foundation in the developmental program CRDA/USAID; organizer and participant of numerous international professional conferences, meetings and exchanges of citizens, students and teachers.

Member of the "Art Group 76" (participated at several exhibitions) and Anti Cancer Society.



Special events :

  • yogaPerformances
  • *Puppet shows
  • *outings and picnics (ZOO, park, the Danube)
  • Special activities (birthdays, holidays, special thematic days...)
  • Open classes for parents, colleagues and interested individuals

Duration and schedule:

  • The course lasts 9 months, from September 2023. to the end of May 2024.
  • The school will not be working on public holidays
  • A class lasts 60 minutes
  • Twice a week

On Tuesdays and Fridays
16.00 – 17.00


  • 20 Euro per month
  • The second child from a family pays 50% ( 10 Euro)
  • *Some special events are not obligatory and are paid extra.
  • Payments are to be made monthly, in advance
  • Both Dinars and Euros are accepted

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  • Početni kurs,
    uto/pet od 18 i od 20h
  • Srednji kurs,
    pon/čet u 18h
  • Napredni kurs,
    pon/čet u 20h
  • Rekreativna yoga
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  • Yoga za trudnice,
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  • Yoga za decu sa astmom,
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  • YOGISH, školica engleskog i joge za decu,
    od 16 – 17h
    o Stres
    o Depresija
    o Odvikavanja
    o Detoksikacija
  • ŠKOLA PLESA za decu i odrasle,
    od 17–18h (deca)
    i od 18–19h (odrasli)
    sredom od 21–22:30h
    (relaksacija uz neformalni ples i spontano izrazavanje telom)

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